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Printing: The beauty of cardboard

With cardboard you can really go in any direction. Although cardboard is of course mainly associated with brown, anonymous packages, moving boxes or banana crates, cardboard can also look very different!

Carton therefore has a large number of different forms, including corrugated cardboard, honeycomb or solid cardboard. Each cardboard type comes with different properties, and is therefore suitable for a different application. And if you are looking for cardboard with the best appearance, you will soon end up with honeycomb cardboard!

Honeycomb carton is a retester material that lies a thick outer layer. The material is even so strong that there are blue-yellow furniture chains that build tables and cupboards! Just saw that thick table top in half, and you will discover that the core consists of a honeycomb -shaped network of cardboard slats. This core is covered with a thin layer of wood with a beautiful finish, and voila: a table top!

but a table top is of course not the only thing honeycomb is suitable for: in thinner shape it is a lies and strong material that is perfectly suitable for printing. And let's just do that very well!

white honeycomb is a good basis for printed matter, because we can go in all directions in terms of both printing and freedom. Consider, for example, a cardboard figure with a photo pressure, or a huge book with printed pages. But more creative can: a 2 meter high cardboard rubber duck with detailed feathers or a black miniature version of the Eiffel Tower. In fact, you can't think of it that way, or with honeycomb and printing we can make it!

It really ensures that we can go in all directions with cardboard, because the sharpest details come to life! For example, look at this cardboard train, which as a display really takes the experience of the products to a higher level!

Cardboard is also very suitable for temporary applications: because why a exhibition position or display of heavy and expensive materials, if the same effect can be achieved with cardboard, can be achieved?

We see more and more options for cardboard and also see that more and more companies are opting for cardboard in their (temporary) expressions and display projects. We always like to think along and I think we can safely say that we ourselves will also be very enthusiastic about the possibilities it offers. So do you have an idea for which our cardboard could be a solution? Then do not hesitate to send us an email via [email protected]. We are happy to think along!

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