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Tips for sustainable living


“Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that focuses on the use of natural resources and by taking into account people and the environment. It is also called "life on earth in harmony." - Wikipedia.

ok thanks Wikipedia, but what exactly does that mean? Does everyone have to fill their roof with solar panels or go for a minimalist design and have almost no furniture or decoration at home? It is very difficult to indicate what exactly is "sustainable". Certainly because sustainability means something different for everyone. But that makes upcycling so beautiful, we think! That is why we have listed a number of tips and tops for inspiration.


#1 Upcycle, Upcycle, Upcycle

Upcyclen is the transforming of products and waste materials into new products. It is often about old and "unusable" materials and this sometimes requires something from your creativity. As a child you may have done this, for example by using old toilet rolls when tinkering or by making a fort with old boxes.

For example, you can turn old wooden pallets into new furniture or a candle holder from old drink bottles. A great feeling to give your own old products new life! If you are not so creative yourself, you can also take a look at these brands that all do upCycling at Kreeded goods . Even the NS does upcycling! They turn used information boards and train coverings unique and surprising new products.


You can sleep environmentally friendly in different ways. For example, by turning off your heating when you go to sleep. It appears that a colder room is not only better for the environment but also for ourselves! You fall asleep faster, burn more calories and you look younger when you wake up! This is because the hormone melatonin is produced when your body has cooled (we are also testing this ourselves at the moment?). Environmentally friendly you can also buy under a biological cotton comforter, without toxic substances, or sleep under a woolen blanket, for sale at gr < A href = ""> a jump . And to top it all off, there are also sustainable bed frames. This way you can sleep on a sustainable bed frame made from Karton"> made , just like the athletes of the Olympic Games



#3 Durable furniture

Furniture can be sustainable in different ways. It is important to ask you different things. What material is it made, where it comes from, is it practical to use and will it last a long time? Of course you can also see if it is your style. Sustainable but above all very nice furniture is now made of different materials such as bamboo, old scaffolding material, cardboard and even Seawier !


#4 Environmentally friendly accessories

Environmentally friendly accessories are not always easy to find. You can make your house cozy and green by Fun air-purifying house plants such as the Calathea or the spoon plant. Fortunately, there are more and more (web) stores where you can buy nice pillows, plaids, candle holders, or other home accessories that are produced in a sustainable way. You can also do a photo logs get it from Karton.