Custom contours

A standard figure, a photo on cardboard, a cardboard cut-out of your choice or a printed outline, we have it all!

Printed lifesize figure
Choose your size and print
from 80,-
KarTent UK
Lifesize figure - standing
Different variants | Print possible
from 11,-
KarTent Light letters
Light letters
90 cm high
50,- 40,-
Letters and numbers
Different sizes and print optional
Custom printed contour
Every print possible
from 18,-
KarTent UK
Lifesize figure - sitting
Different variants | Print possible
from 11,-
KarTent UK
Custom contour
Every cutout is possible
from 7,-
Printed letters and numbers
Height 20, 50, 70, 100, 150 or 180 cm
XL tree 295 cm
155 x 155 x 295 cm
Plastic free and 100% recyclable!
Free delivery from €60,- (NL, BE, DE) *
Not happy, fully refunded

Everything cut out of cardboard

We really can make anything out of cardboard. Want to have your logo on cardboard, a cardboard display of your favorite colleague or a big rabbit cut out for a children's party?

Without printing

Looking for a man or woman, sitting or standing? We have standard figures that you can order ready-made on the site. Do you have another idea in mind but don't need to be printed? Then take a look at our cardboard outline! Here you can specify how big your cut-out should be, and we'll get to work!


Is cardboard color not enough and you want a photo printed? That's no problem! Choose our printed figure or printed outline!