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RENTAL - Cigarette Tube

sustainable choice!
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➕ Cigarette butts are recycled
➕ Less cigarette butts on the ground
➕ Can be ordered in multiple numbers
➖ Only available as a rental product
Ordered before 3 pm, sent today

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Attention! This product is only available as a rental product, read here why:

Ciggarette butts are rapidly becoming a big problem. Many visitors don’t seem to have second thoughts on throwing their cigarette butts on the ground after enjoying a smoke. This confronts us with a huge mess.

This year, KarTent introduces a new way to take care of cigarette butts with the Ciggytube. The tubes serve as collectors of cigarette butts during the event.

The Ciggytubes can easily be implemented on the festival grounds, but also at home during a party, on their easy-to-use mounts. You can select your rental period and volume above. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Product size 110 x 30 x 30 cm
Weight 6 kg
Delivered as a kit icon-yes
PostNL delivery icon-yes
Package size 110 x 30 x 30 cm
We are always looking for the most sustainable solutions!
Sustainable cardboard

Our cardboard consists for 73% of recycled cardboard. The rest of our cardboard is made from FSC-certified woodfibers, which guarantees a high quality! Moreover, our cardboard is fully recyclable!

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Made in Amsterdam

Our products are not produced in faraway countries, but in our warehouse in Amsterdam! In that way, they won't have to be transported with polluting transportation!

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Cut for you!

After your order we immediately get to work! We cut your product 'fresh' from our cardboard: Every product is made especially for you! We don't make a product too much and don't have a stock!

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