Test, test, test!

Who better to test our toys than your own little one? Of course we also like to slide down the slide and we prefer to sit in our playhouses, but we don't play exactly the same as small children. That is why all our products are extensively tested by your children! Every new product is raffled among fans and we receive a detailed report on this. Is the product not yet vandal-proof? Then we adapt it!

Conscious toys

Of course, no toys last forever! After a while, the novelty wears off and a once adventurous action figure or cuddly toy is sentenced to collecting dust in a corner. We therefore like to think about what happens to toys when a child is done with them. The toy is certainly not worthless after use! Our toys are made from recycled cardboard and can therefore be completely recycled after use.

Build, craft and play

The little technician can often be recognized quickly! They love nothing more than to build, craft and play. This describes our cardboard toys exactly! Each product comes as a kit, and you can get started right away without tools. Motor skills, logical thinking and creativity are stimulated.

Nice to give

Give cardboard as a gift: Giving a nice original gift has never been so easy! Not only does this show that you are a true cardboard connoisseur, it also provides hours of fun! A slide, kitchenette or seesaw made of cardboard? Yes, of course!

Extensively tested
Paintable and encourages creative play
Assemble your toys yourself
Do you have any questions?

Our products are tested extensively, also on firmness! Although we don’t like to admit it, some people in the office weigh at least 100kg (the lunches at KarTent are out of this world!). If two of us can sit on the products without any problems, you certainly don’t have to worry! Of course, we didn’t try to sit on the laptop stands or Bull Heads, but that was not your game plan either, right?

We add an instruction paper in every order! Can’t find it? Maybe it fell out of the box! Luckily, you can also have them online: click!
To a certain extent, you are definitely able to clean our products. Use a slightly damp or dry cloth to rub away the dirty spots. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all spots vanish. The great thing about cardboard is that you can decorate it yourself! This way your products become super personal, so don’t hesitate to use some paint!
If you order (NL & BE) before 15:00, your package will be delivered the day after. Did you order after 15:00? Then your package will most likely be delivered after 2 days.
We appreciate you for thinking along with us! Do you have a crazy, funny, beautiful, or just amazing idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us!