Cardboard furniture to make your interior a little "greener. A handy standing table for your party, a desk made of honeycomb cardboard or an extra bench for the living room. Check out all the furniture here.

KarTent UK
Wardrobe closet
With or without drawers and doors
KarTent UK Privacy screen
KarTent UK
Privacy screen
To separate space
51,- 45,-
KarTent UK
Standing table
Easy to store
from 21,-
KarTent UK Storage cabinet
KarTent UK
Storage cabinet
60 x 130 x 100 cm
91,- 85,-
KarTent UK Sheep book shelf
KarTent UK
Sheep book shelf
Storage space for your books and belongings
46,- 41,-
KarTent UK
Wave chair
Seat height 45 cm
KarTent UK
Fold table
134 x 80 x 68 cm
KarTent Honeycomb desk
Honeycomb desk
Optional with top cover
351,- 175,-
KarTent UK Grass chair
KarTent UK
Grass chair
70 x 70 x 40 cm
30,- 15,-
KarTent UK
Block chair
For children and adults
Plastic free and 100% recyclable!
Free delivery from €60,- (NL, BE, DE) *
Not happy, fully refunded
Utah closet
Open compartment cabinet 190 x 200 cm
KarTent UK
Drawing table
For kids from 4 to 8 years old
KarTent UK
Camping table
No tools required
KarTent UK
Cross stool
Also suitable as a side table | 30 x 30 x 40 cm
Shoe rack
Suitable for 9 pairs of shoes
KarTent UK
Ping pong table
Smaller than an official ping pong table

Cardboard furniture

Decorate your home to your own taste! Everyone seeks items that match their interior and taste! The brown colour of cardboard gives a warm and unique ambience. Of course, we think that cardboard brown is the most beautiful colour there is! Love to hear what you think!

The natural look of cardboard furniture easily warmth and cosiness into your home! And don’t forget the sustainable vibe it creates. 

Are you seeking a specific interior item, but can’t find it? Let us know, we are happy to make a personalized design for your furniture. Let’s make dreams come true!

Cardboard furniture has several advantages.

Cardboard furniture is easy to move as it does not weigh much! Are you moving or do want you to change your interior? No problem, cardboard furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble and is long-lasting!

We also think we are quite trendy. Our designers are getting inspired by the latest trends on home and living. Let’s make sustainability timeless, so our furniture can be used for ages or when you’re done, simply 100% recycle it by taking it to the paper waste.