Do you have any questions about us? Or do you have problems with your product? No worries! We can solve all your problems here!
1.1. Do you also have....

You can find all our products on our 'all products' page. Missing something you're looking for? You can email us at [email protected], and maybe we are able to custom make it for you! 

1.2. What if my product gets wet?

Of course, we cannot promise you that our products will survive the upcoming hurricanes, sharknado’s and zombie apocalypses. 

Just kidding! Our cardboard can surely take a lot! Do you have a clumsy day and knock over a glass of water? No worries! But we don’t advise you to put the product outside on a rainy fall day. 

This however also depends on the type of product; the KarTent can handle some water. To prove this, we took the KarTent through a carwash.

Yes, for real! You can check it right here! (Disclaimer: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!)

1.3. Is it firm enough?

Our products are tested extensively, also on firmness! Although we don’t like to admit it, some people in the office weigh at least 100kg (the lunches at KarTent are out of this world!). If two of us can sit on the products without any problems, you certainly don’t have to worry! Of course, we didn’t try to sit on the laptop stands or Bull Heads, but that was not your game plan either, right? 

Are you curious to see the tests? Click here!

1.4. I received my product, how do I assemble it?

We add an instruction paper in every order! Can’t find it? Maybe it fell out of the box! Luckily, you can also have them online: Click here for the instruction page!

1.5. Can I clean the product?

To a certain extent, you are definitely able to clean our products. Use a slightly damp or dry cloth to rub away the dirty spots. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all spots vanish.  

The great thing about cardboard is that you can decorate it yourself! This way your products become super personal, so don’t hesitate to use some paint!

Shipment and return
2.1. What is the shipping time?

If you order (NL & BE) before 15:00, your package will be delivered the day after. Did you order after 15:00? Then your package will most likely be delivered after 2 days.

2.2. Do you ship to the UK, USA or Switzerland?

We do ship to the UK, USA and Switzerland. Unfortunately, the shipping costs can be really high. For our bigger products, the shipping costs can be around 200 - 500 euros. If you are still interested, you can contact us at [email protected]

2.3. Which service ships your products?

The products get shipped by PostNL.

2.4. What do I have to pay for shipping costs?

Shipping prices within the Netherlands and Belgium are from €4,95! Precise shipping costs outside of Netherlands and Belgium are shown at the check-out!

2.5. Do I receive a track and trace code?

As soon as we ship the product, you will receive a confirmation mail including a Track & Trace code!

2.6. What if my product gets delivered when I am not home?

Since you received a Track & Trace code you know when the deliverer will be there!

Is nobody home at that time? Then your package will be stored by one of your neighbors. Of course, you will receive a note where you can find your package.

2.7. How can I return a product?

Of course, there could be all kinds of reasons for wanting to return a product. We understand that, and it’s always possible to return the product! Because we are a small company and we like to keep our sales price low, the shipping costs will, unfortunately, be for you. The product can be returned in its original packaging!

1) Click HERE ([email protected]) to send us your order number (starts with ORD). We will contact you and send you the required shipping label for the return. 

2) When we receive the product in good condition we will notify you and refund you minus the shipping costs.

2.8. Something is wrong with my order, what now?

Is your product a little damaged, are you missing a part, did you receive the wrong product, or is something else wrong? We are very sorry this happened, of course! Don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

2.9. Can I also order in large quantities?

Of course, you can! Please send us an email, because we can give some discounts on large quantities.

2.10. Can you explain the costs for an XL product?

Of course! XL products cannot be delivered with the regular postal services because of their size. Therefore, a special transport has to be requested. Because the delivery is not via PostNL, Track & Trace will not be possible. We will contact you about the delivery status. This is between 09.00 and 17:00. If you prefer a specific time, additional costs will be charged. In the Netherlands the delivery costs are not applicable from an order value of €500 and in Belgium from €750. If you live outside of these territories, transport will have to be done by another service. In this case, we will contact you about the delivery. You are not bound to anything until you have agreed upon the delivery costs!  Are you curious if your product is an XL product? That is shown on the top-right of the product page.

3.1. Can I place an order on invoice?

You sure can! At the checkout, you will have the option to click on ‘business transaction’. You will then have the possibility to choose for a transaction per invoice. We will send the invoice afterward.

Are you a little lost? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

3.2. Which payment options do I have?

We have different payment methods; IDEAL, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Klarna, Bancontact Mister Cash or order per invoice. Some payment methods involve extra costs, these will be shown at the check-out.

3.3. When do I pay for shipping costs?

Free shipping from €60 when you order to the Netherlands or Belgium (except when you order an XL product). Shipping costs differ per product and country! The exact costs are shown when you fill in the address.

4.1. How sustainable are the products really?

Good question!

It’s always difficult to specifically compare cardboard products and regular products. It differs a lot per product type. Products that have many materials are harder to recycle and therefore less sustainable. Our products mostly consist of only cardboard! 

1) Our cardboard consists of approximately 80% recycled paper, the rest consists of new wood fibers.

2) Our products are not made in distant countries, so they don't have to be dragged here with polluting transport! Moreover, we all come to work by bicycle!

3) After your order, we immediately get to work to make your product 'fresh' from our cardboard! So we don't make too many products and have no stock!

4) All our products are 100% recyclable.

4.2. Where does the cardboard come from?

When the pandemic struck, we started with repurposing our used cardboard festival tents into new products. Meanwhile, these tents are all transformed into new products and we now use regular cardboard. This cardboard is made of 80% recycled material. The remaining 20% is made of wood fibers that come from the forest. 

Nevertheless, we still aim to use mostly recycled or used materials. For example, our lamps are mostly made of used bicycle boxes. We strive to become entirely circular.  

4.3. What happens to the cardboard when a product cannot be sold anymore?

We only cut products when they get ordered, so we don’t work with a stock. However, products that are used for photoshoots are given away to daycares or elementary schools most of the time!

5.1. What was first, the chicken or the egg?

We are convinced the chicken or egg was not first, Max Verstappen is always first.

5.2. Can I also order a customized product?

You sure can! Don’t hesitate to contact us! Don’t hold back, we may end up in the Guinness World Book of Records! Click here to describe your amazing idea, we can’t wait to read it!

5.3. I have a great idea, can you work it out?

We appreciate you for thinking along with us! Do you have a crazy, funny, beautiful, or just amazing idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

5.4. Can I also order in large quantities?

Of course you can! Please send us an email, because we can give some discounts on large quantities.

About KarTent
6.1. How and where did the idea originate?

The idea for KarTent originated at the CleanTech Challenge, where Jan and Wout got into conversation. Jan had developed a cardboard beach house for Rijkswaterstaat. Together they started brainstorming. When they came across a photo of the Glastonbury festival after it had ended, the idea of a recyclable tent came to mind. After doing some initial tests, KarTent entered the market in 2015.

Also check Wout's TEDx talk about the creation of KarTent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi8MoU6g8Sc

6.2. Who are the people behind KarTent?

Curious who we are and how we drink our coffee? Take a look at the ‘About Us’ page of our website!

6.3. Why karTENT? You guys sell all sorts of products?

That's right! But this has not always been the case. KarTent originates from the festival world, where we tried to make the festival campsites more sustainable with our cardboard festival tents. We saw that around 25% of the tents were left behind at the festival campsite and decided to develop an alternative for this. Later, cigarette containers and KarBins (recycled trash cans made from used festival tents) were invented as well. Due to the crisis, we had to reorient ourselves and that’s when we started the webshop!

6.4. Don’t I know you from the festivals?

Very likely! Before Corona, we performed at many festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. We used to have cardboard festival tents, hence the name 'KarTent'. During the crisis, we had to change our business, so we now focus entirely on the webshop!

Did you not find your question? Do you have complaints or do you have a nice idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us!