Cardboard Products for Pets

Cats love cardboard, we all know that! That's why we have designed a few cardboard products for your fluffy friend as well. From a scratching post to an entire playhouse.

KarTent UK
Cat basket
Suitable for 1 cat
KarTent UK
Cat house
58 x 30 x 60 cm
KarTent UK
Cat cube
Also suitable as a side table
Playhouse for your cat
KarTent UK
Rodent house
100% recyclable after use
KarTent UK
Cat scrap furniture
Two pieces of cat furniture in one
KarTent UK
DIY cat scraper
3 variants available
KarTent UK
Dog basket
Possibly with name
Plastic free and 100% recyclable!
Free delivery from €60,- (NL, BE, DE) *
Not happy, fully refunded

Everything for your pet

Not only you but also your pet deserves some cardboard! Whether it's for your dog, your hamster or your cat. Take a look around, we have enough!


We may be cardboard fanatics ourselves, but cats have it too! Everyone knows that cats are crazy about cardboard. By playing with cardboard, cats experience less stress than regular toys. Did you move, and your cat needs to adapt to the new home? Give them cardboard, they tend to adapt quickly to their new home. 

Take for example the CatTent, it is designed as a cardboard cat house or our cat scratching post, especially for your cat!


And don’t forget our dog solutions!  How about a cardboard dog bed, where we can slit your dog’s name in? Cardboard is the perfect surface for a pillow or dog bed because it feels soft.


Some design request makes us smile, for example, we got asked if we could design a rodent house. Of course, our cardboard designers will definitely not say no to that. Do you find the house a bit too boring?  Just decorate you rodent home with a bit of paint to sparkle it up!