Cardboard plant pots and vases

Your plant deserves a beautiful pot. We have different types of pots, from small to large.


Plant pots and flower pots for indoors

Your plants and flowers deserve a special place in your home. Flower pots and plant pots can give your plants an extra glow. Our plant pots are perfect for indoor and give your interior an extra sustainable look.

Different flower pots

Are you also crazy about greenery in your home and do you keep buying new plants? Let your plants and flowers shine in our cardboard flower pots. The cardboard rings of the plant pots give every room a playful and natural character.

Our range consists of many different flower pots. If you have small plants, our Roos flower pot is a perfect match. Would you rather have a flower pot with legs? Then our flower pot Madelief will be your favourite. Even for a large plant such as the Monstera, we have the perfect plant pot. Our cardboard flower and plant pots come in countless shapes and sizes.