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Cardboard Tablet Holders for VoxCollector

In collaboration with VoxCollector we have developed a cardboard tablet holder. This allows employees to vote anonymously on various questions and polls related to the company, the atmosphere and the activities. These tablet holders allow companies to listen to the opinions of their employees in an effective and open manner.

VoxCollector: The voice of the employee

VoxCollector is committed to transparent and open communication between employers and employees. With their daily questions and polls, they enable companies to have an open and transparent conversation with their employees. Many companies ask these questions using a tablet, sitting in a tablet holder.

The collaboration between KarTent and VoxCollector has led to a new, unique product: cardboard tablet holders. This makes the employee's voice heard in an innovative and sustainable way. These cardboard tablet holders make it easy for employees to participate anonymously in polls and in the workplace, allowing companies to gather valuable insights and drive positive change. Thank you for the great collaboration!


Plan een design-brainstorm

Wil je ook iets laten maken van karton? Of je nou op zoek bent naar een oplossing voor je kantooromgeving of een nieuwe en creatieve beursstand, wij kunnen je ermee helpen. Plan een brainstorm in, en we denken samen na over het ontwerp, op basis van het idee dat jij hebt. Dit gesprek geheel gratis en vrijblijvend. Na afloop ontvang je een offerte, inclusief levertijd. Verras jouw relaties met unieke, duurzame designs van karton!