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Cardboard safe for secure document disposal

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➕ Suitable for the temporary storage of office documents
➕ Made of 7 mm thick cardboard, room for A4 size paper
➕ Could be locked with a lock
➖ Not suitable for storage of gold or jewellery

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Cardboard document safe

For secure document processing whilst working from home.

Together with Suez Netherlands, we have developed a sustainable cardboard safe. Due to COVID, the majority of the workforce is working from their "home office". Most working from home challenges are solved, but how about the disposal of notes and documents? 

❌ Paper waste? Tricky.❌ Waste? Not sustainable!

Together with Suez we've developed the KarSafe. In this cardboard document safe you can collect all your office paper "waste". When you're allowed to go to your office again, you can safely dispose the content of the safe. This way you can ensure a safe (and sustainable) processing of your documents.


Product size 27 x 25 x 35 cm (LxWxH)
Weight 1 kg
Delivered as a kit icon-yes
PostNL delivery icon-yes
Package size 55 x 35 x 5 cm (LxWxH)
EAN / SKU 7423408086033
We are always looking for the most sustainable solutions!
Sustainable cardboard

Our cardboard consists for 73% of recycled cardboard. The rest of our cardboard is made from FSC-certified woodfibers, which guarantees a high quality! Moreover, our cardboard is fully recyclable!

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Made in Amsterdam

Our products are not produced in faraway countries, but in our warehouse in Amsterdam! In that way, they won't have to be transported with polluting transportation!

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After your order we immediately get to work! We cut your product 'fresh' from our cardboard: Every product is made especially for you! We don't make a product too much and don't have a stock!

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