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Take a look at all of our children's cardboard products. We make everything for children out of cardboard. Our toys and furniture contribute to children's development. Cardboard encourages active play. From assembling to painting.

Plastic free and 100% recyclable!
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Conscious Toys

Our cardboard products are made from recycled materials and can be fully recycled after use. In this way, we contribute to a circular economy and reduce the burden on the environment. With our conscious toys, children learn the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness through play.

Stimulate creativity and motor skills

Cardboard products offer endless possibilities for building, crafting, and playing. Each product is delivered as a DIY kit, allowing children to unleash their creativity. They learn to think logically, solve problems, and develop their fine motor skills while assembling and personalizing their cardboard creations. Whether it's building a fort, a dollhouse, or a race car, cardboard toys provide hours of entertainment and educational value.

Great gift: original and full of playfulness

Give the gift of cardboard and surprise both children and parents with an original present. Cardboard products are not only sustainable, but also incredibly fun to receive. Whether it's a cardboard playhouse, a slide, or a toy kitchen, our range offers a wide variety of options to find the perfect gift. It provides hours of playfulness and allows children to unleash their imagination.

We believe in the power of cardboard toys. Our cardboard products not only offer endless building and playing possibilities for children, but also contribute to their development and the preservation of our planet. From sustainability to creativity and originality, our products have it all. Explore our range and give your children a play experience full of adventure and responsibility!