Cardboard Animals

Create an entire animal kingdom out of cardboard. Are you looking for pets, zoo animals or from the dinosaur kingdom? We have them all! Grab some paint and color the animals! Discover all our cardboard animals.

KarTent UK
Triceratops Dinosaur
Large dino of 80 x 24 x 33 cm
KarTent UK Bull Head
KarTent UK
Bull Head
For on the wall
45,- 36,-
KarTent UK
82 x 22 x 49 cm
KarTent UK
Easter bunny
20 x 26 x 43 cm
Pack of 12 bats
Plastic free and 100% recyclable!
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3D cardboard animals

Discover our collection of cardboard animals that you can assemble as 3D puzzles. We have a whopping 19 different species of animals available. Whether you're a fan of farm animals, safari animals, pets, or dinosaurs, you'll find them all here! It's a fun and challenging activity to put these animals together, and you can even paint them with your desired colors.

Cardboard animal heads for on your wall

In addition to the 3D puzzle version, we also offer cardboard animal heads that are perfect for hanging on the wall. These cardboard animal heads are a fantastic decoration option for above the fireplace, in the study room, or in the children's room. They add a unique and playful touch to any space. A cardboard animal head is a perfect choice for those who want to honor nature and add a touch of creativity. Are you charmed by a bold bull, majestic reindeer, impressive moose, elegant elephant, or cute hippopotamus? You can choose your favorite cardboard animal head from our selection and add a touch of unique charm to your space.

Unleash your creativity and bring these cardboard animals to life. Whether it's assembling the 3D puzzle version or hanging a striking animal head on the wall, these cardboard animals create a playful atmosphere and add a hint of natural beauty to any environment.