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Tips for circular working from home


Finishing a meeting while your toddler climbs in the curtains: it's not always easy to work with children at home. How do you ensure that working from home becomes as pleasant as possible for yourself? We list a number of tips that made us very happy!


  1. Make a schedule!
  2. The importance of good planning cannot be underestimated! This is extra important because you do not have an environmental pressure to perform during work. After all, you have no impressions of colleagues who are doing as if they are doing a lot of work. Your office buddies are now suddenly the comfortable corner sofa, the beer fridge, the hammock and the slightly too thick red hangover. Then see to focus.

    By making a good planning you can prevent a lot of misery. By determining tight to-do's and deadlines you keep control and you don't get bogged down in a aimless stress without an overview. Intempt to maintain structured working hours, but also make sure you reward yourself by taking it in the non-work time. Give that hangover a pat on his ball.

 laptop stand
  1. Provide a good working environment
  2. It is important to make it as pleasant as possible for yourself so that you are not distracted! After all, a good office is half the battle. We like to have a second screen ourselves! Fortunately, one of our colleagues was so friendly to drive by van to bring the computer screens from the office to our home offices.

    It is also important that you have a sitting position; A pleasant office chair that you can adjust in height helps with this. Another big tip is a laptop stand ; This ensures that the screen of your laptop is slightly higher so that you will not get bothered by your neck. Note: use in combination with an external keyboard!

  1. Give the children their own place!
  2. When you get home for whole days, it can sometimes feel stuffy. You sit on each other's lip for whole days, and the tensions can sometimes rise high! It is therefore important to ensure that everyone has their own place to endure themselves. Preferably of course before the bomb bursts!

    Set a corner for your child so that this is his/her "area", with everything that a child can enjoy. Her favorite LEGO castle, his favorite action pop: everything is possible and allowed!

    To make this place a little more special you can also get a Carton Speelhuisje in the house; This way your child can just close himself a little better and furnish his/her own house!

  1. Eat healthy!
  2. Maybe we suddenly sound like your mother, but not unimportantly: eat enough vitamins! Especially in this time it is important to pay attention to your diet. A good meal can make or break your day or your mood, and mean the difference between a day full of fights or a day full of fun.

    So make sure you don't get too much fat and sugar, eat an orange or kiwi and let that bottle of wine stand for a while. It might take some getting used to in the beginning, but the quarantine benefits, real!

    For flatulent reasons we do not recommend eating Mexican bean dishes.


  1. Do special things together
  2. whole days at home can be rather monotonous. So make it more fun by going on an adventure together in your own house! Just some tips from the KarTent editors: go on a bear hunt in the neighborhood, draw a work of art on the doorstep with Sustainable Stoepkrijt Or place a vegetable garden in the windowsill.

    Or even better: use your hands and go tinkering! Maak bijvoorbeeld vers speelgoedfruit met deze printables: fruit-templates.html . Just print, cut out and glue together! Also nice: us Lampen craft package ! Make your own design, glue it together with the supplied glue and your lamp will shine for years in your living room as a lasting memory!