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Master Sander x Kartent

Spring is in sight and that means the time of new animals and plants. Master Sander and we also thought it was time to join forces to bring spring into the class. For those who don't know Master Sander yet, he is the influencer among the teachers. He shares his life as a teacher and (recently) daddy via his blog , Instagram and other media channels. Tip: very nice to follow;)

When the theme was fixed, designing could start. The teamwork went smoothly; Master Sander came up with the idea and Kartent went to work with the design. Then a lot is soon possible, but after briefly consultation it quickly became clear which product would be designed; A farm with farm animals. After some consultation, the idea came to life!


the end result? A farm, with tractor, chicken, calf, goat and sheep!

The farm has two inputs so that the kids can enter, but of course you can also easily step over the gate. Cardboard is perfect for decorating, so the kids can lose their creativity and make the farm completely their own.

  • Learn playfully!
  • stimulates creativity through possibilities for painting
  • Cardboard is a durable material that can be recycled.

The farm is also super fun to use in class. There are different animals available and several parts of the farm are highlighted, such as the meadow, the stable and the apple tree. This offers children the opportunity to physically work with the elements that are told during class.