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The emergence of the webshop


Kartent at festivals

In the spring of 2015 The idea arose to do something about the polluting plastic tents after be left behind a festival. Inspired by a graduation project for Rijkswaterstaat, a cardboard beach house became a cardboard festival tent. The Kartent was born. A completely recyclable double sleep tent. The KarTent was built up for the visitors and after the festival in collaboration with Suez recycled. After a few years in this way conquering the festival market, it started to gnaw, recycling such a firm cardboard after one -time use, is it possible to do more with that?

no longer the kartents would go to the recycling after one -off use, new products would be made. But yes, what would we make from all that cardboard. The first possibility came from an unexpected corner: Flower pockets manufacturer Elho was interested in so -called between laying sheets for the pallets (around the flower pots during Protect transport). The first Upcycle test in the autumn cold of 2018 was a fact. Armed with three jigsaws, we went to work for ten pallets with used tents to cut to between layers for pallets. The first step to circular products made of cardboard was taken. Unfortunately, sawing 5000 cardboard plates of Exact 120x80cm turned out to be a greater challenge than expected. Where one plate was sloped diagonally, the other became too small, and another again too big. Nevertheless, this project tasted like more! The cardboard turned out to be excellent for new products, only the jigsaw was not the solution ..


The machine

After a six -year search, the right machine was finally found: a CNC machine . We were finally able to transform the used kartents into new circular products in a sustainable way. In the summer of 2019, the circular result could be seen at many festivals and other events: the fully circular Karbin. Made from used kartenten, these karbins provided waste separation at festivals.