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Everything from cardboard - right?

yes that's right! We really make everything from cardboard! At least we try, luckily I sometimes come across project requests that we could work out in cardboard, but which do not fit completely in our street. I am Jan and work on requesting most customization from customers and I am going to give a glimpse into the reasons why we take some projects and some not.

Possible but perhaps not

A request that I actually think back was the disinfection room for shopping carts. Begin Corona we actually tackled every assignment that we could get, but this assignment was a blow too far for us (and the cardboard). The idea was to make a cupboard that could stand outside where they could disinfect their shopping cart. The cabinet also had to be stupid proof, can be able to stand up and sent by post. Well, of course, we could make this in cardboard, but we finally recommended MDF with pain in our hearts.

we like that!

which I actually love as a designer, is when there are impossible assignments in terms of construction. For example, I recently received a quote request for a glassbox. So I first read glass block myself so asked if he should also be transparent, luckily I read it again before I clicked on sending and I could adjust my questions something. The project is still ongoing and the idea is to replace standard steel goats for the transport of glass with cardboard with smaller numbers. It would save a return transport and thereby a lot of emissions!

can I also get it printed or a different size?

that is certainly possible! Unfortunately, golf cardboard printing is not very easy, but honeycomb cardboard for example. We often adjust an existing product from us (often in corrugated cardboard) to Honingraat cardboard. For example, we have already done this with The Statafel and laptop stand. A different size? Certainly that should always work!

can it be bigger? Really very big? And up? And in the wind? And outside?

For WorldStream (a large sponsor at the Amstel Gold Race) we were allowed to make their logo. But then very large (approximately 5 meters wide and 2 meters high). And he had to stand up, outside. Naja should be possible, right? I have added a photo of the logo to this blog then you will get a better picture.

To keep it transportable, we made 5 separate parts that we could slide together with wooden slats. These slats also run in the lower parts so that we could screw them back on slats to keep it up. Quite exciting because each part was 10 cm thick and no longer as light as cardboard is usually. The whole weighed around 70 kg!

and now further?

I once designed a cardboard beach house for my graduation ( ). How cool would it be to ultimately realize that? I remember that I wanted to do something impossible and then the assignment of a modular beach house passed by. While I was sitting in my room and saw a package, there was the idea to make this from cardboard, because that is not possible? Or anyway?