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Frequently asked questions about cardboard

The myths about cardboard invalidated

Is it strong enough? What if water falls on it? Why is cardboard such a sustainable material? This blog is all about the frequently asked questions. To remove all the unjustified uncertainties and to prove that cardboard is the very best material.


people usually think of the banana boxes of the supermarket when we say that our products are made of cardboard. But there are a lot of types of cardboard and they also differ greatly in firmness. Most of our products, such as beds, lamps and toys, are made of corrugated cardboard,. Golf cardboard can consist of several layers and that determines the firmness. Our cardboard consists of two layers and can certainly have a lot.

In addition, we also use honeycomb carton for some products. Honey -carboard is just as sturdy as wood, so that offers even more options. So if we want to make the product super solid, we opt for honeycomb cardboard, for example for our large cupboards or the children's cot.

Golf cardboard: honeycomb cardboard:

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Not only can we speak from experience, we have also performed a lot of tests to prove it. For example, we occasionally let an adult stand on our products or jump and we have sometimes let a car drive over our cardboard bed;) click here to watch that video.


In addition, the question is often asked whether cardboard is watertight. Because cardboard consists of many layers, it will not get soaked. A rain shower is therefore no problem. Golf cardboard on the sides is open and that is where it could become a bit weaker due to water. But all in all, cardboard can handle a little water. To prove this, we again have exclusive images. For example, we went through the car wash with our tent, the Kartent. Check the here !


we are also often asked if cardboard is really that sustainable and why then. We can of course explain that in great detail. Cardboard is a bio-degradable product. It is not a problem if cardboard accidentally ends up in nature. But rather it is just thrown at the old paper because then it can be reused again after some operation. So the life cycle of cardboard is much longer than that of other materials. In addition, cardboard is also made in the Netherlands from sustainable materials (namely paper and wood fibers) and consists of 80% recycled material.

Hopefully with this blog we have disproved the myths and you now believe in the magic of cardboard as we do. If you still have questions? Then take a look at the FAQ Page on the website.