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How we work at KarTent

When you get your package through the letterbox or see a post on our Instagram you might be curious what is behind it. How do we actually work at KarTent, what is our style and what characterizes us? In this blog you can read what Kartent makes Kartent.

No stocks

We strive to have no stocks at all. So we really only produce the things that have actually been ordered or requested. In this way we make optimal use of our space. When we receive large, urgent applications, the regular orders naturally also continue to flow in. So you can imagine that we regularly lend a hand with the team to finish a big request together. But hey, that keeps it nice and diverse;)

Various working days

Because we make the products all our working days, our working days are often very diverse.

One moment Charlotte is analyzing Facebook advertisements, half an hour later she glues a lamp at Dennis in the shed. This is what we call the "Kartent Style" here. Fortunately this is going well for us because the team is nice and young and flexible.


We not only make our products ourselves, but we also design the packaging and we make ourselves. In this way we can ensure that there is no unnecessary empty space in the packaging. In addition, we reduce transport per product and we can guarantee that all our products can be recycled 100%, including packaging.


We make everything you find in our webshop, at 1 location in Amsterdam ( Curious? Feel free to visit Lemelerbergweg 63!). of course we have partners, but we try to do as much as possible ourselves to ensure transport reduction and efficiency.


Besides that we want to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, another goal of us to encourage and inspire creativity. Due to the large empty surface of the products, creativity can be left free.

Challenge accepted

We like a challenge. And by "we really make everything from cardboard" we really mean everything! So don't be afraid to make a crazy, difficult or special request with us, we only like that. From Custom Cabinet for a family up to 270 cardboard houses For the Binnenhof, you name it!

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