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The design process of our products

How do we design products?

We will explain that in this blog!

The design process often starts with a problem/question from a customer. For example, we were asked to come up with a solution for storing large toy cars without damaging them. The customer himself came up with an idea for a garage with parking spaces and a landing site for a helicopter. A super nice design challenge to tackle!

Desk research

We don't have to reinvent the wheel, so the next step we take is desk research! What solutions already exist and how do those products work? This step is primarily intended for inspiration and ensures that we do not design something that already exists.

First ideas

Now that we are full of inspiration, sketching can begin. While sketching you do not have to think about the feasibility and details are not yet important. If the sheet of paper starts to get full and no new ideas come up, it's time to choose a few. Sketches are combined and the first concepts arise.

Back to the customer

With these concepts we then go back to the customer and we will discuss together which is the most popular. During such a conversation, opinions and ideas are shared and one concept is ultimately chosen.

First model

To have the concept cut through the cutting machine, a drawing must first be made on the computer. Because all our products are made from cardboard, we must fold the concept like it and make the drawing 2D. This is sometimes a big challenge in itself!


After the concept has been cut, we make an appropriate packaging and the product can be tested! During testing we often see many points for improvement and we receive feedback. The concept is adjusted just as often until the customer and the designer are completely satisfied with the product!

Nice extra
Because all our products are made from cardboard, they can easily be personalized. Remove your paint and chalk from the cupboard or order it from the product and let your creativity go loose! A green garage is also beautiful!

Do you also have a great idea? Send us a message, and who knows, we might work out your idea into a real product!