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The sustainable options for you!

We love to give everyone a push in the sustainable direction. In this blog we show sustainable alternatives to the most obvious brands of commonly used products.


shampoo is a product that we use every day. In addition to the plastic packaging, which is of course superfluous and not sustainable, a lot of shampoo is often wasted. The soaps of Happy Soaps are a plastic-free and consciously sustainable choice. No gram of plastic is used during production, storage and shipment. In addition, you wast very little of the shampoo itself because you immediately take it off the block, so a super alternative!

Happy Soaps Andrélon


About 80% of the Dutch drink coffee daily! A large part of it drinks the coffee from aluminum capsules. This is very harmful to the environment because a toxic red mud arises when winning aluminum that cannot be broken down or further processed. The most important ore in aluminum is bauxite, the extraction of which leads to deforestation. And then we are not even talking about those mountains of used coffee capsules (5000 tons per year!), Who need up to 200 years to break down.

Develop here > The coffee boys a solution for! They make coffee capsules from bio-degradable materials. That means that the capsules are soluble in the earth and just after use at the GFT. Your plants are also growing better, because the coffee is converted into super nutritious compost.

The coffee boys Nespresso


To look fresh every day we use a product that is pretty harmful to the environment. The most used detergents consist of synthetic fragrances and colors, cleaners based on petroleum and microplastics. 'That could be better' thought Seepje . This detergent consists of 99.8% natural ingredients. But if you want to be completely environmentally friendly, then Sepje also was peeling of the Sapindus Mukorossi fruits from the Himalayas. These peels release natural soap when the peels come into contact with water!

Seepje Ariel

Hopefully we inspired you to choose the more sustainable option. But especially go out to investigate yourself, because these are by no means all brands that offer a sustainable solution.